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Practo, a hospital management software, is powered by Practice. The software is a solution that helps hospitals handle medical facilities. It helps manage routine activities in an organised fashion. With the software, users can attain maximum utilisation of their resources. The software offers simple modules to the hospitals. These offer seamless management of inpatient and outpatient. With the app, doctors at the hospital can easily schedule their outpatient appointments on a weekly basis. Practo users can conduct bulk registration service, especially for the corporate. The app alerts patients through SMS reminders. Patients feel good when they are associated with a hospital that cares. Such reminders help eliminate last-minute cancellations as well. Practo supports users in printing barcodes, plastic cards, smart cards for their patients. When patients access healthcare facilities, hospitals are able to track the movement in real-time. With Practo, users can allot doctors and nurses for the purpose of surgeries. It is possible to track their activities and even save post operative check-up updates. Practo supports both unidirectional and bidirectional lab equipment interfaces, allowing automated uploads of lab reports. The software helps generate barcodes for labelling samples. Due to elimination of human intervention, the chances of error reduce to minimum. It offers seamless integration with various imaging equipment as well. The software collects patient reports automatically from these equipment.



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