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Cross-Platform Enterprise Application Package for Clinical Data Management and Analysis

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ProMed is a cloud-based application suite that helps hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities in organizing and streamlining their operations for offering an excellent experience to patients and caregivers. The software is an integrated system that supports various tasks, right from scheduling to billing. ProMed Application Suite enabled tracking and facilitates analyzing hospital-level data for better decision-making. It is a centralized platform that tracks activities and outcomes. ProMed is a comprehensive and innovative hospital management system that is highly adaptable according to the needs of the caregivers. Any kind and size of a healthcare facility, including single-doctor clinics, large-sized hospitals, nursing homes, etc. can adopt ProMed for better operations. The app is designed in a manner so that it can be customized to the workflow and policies of various organizations. The software helps develop a standard framework of the industry. It offers unmatched flexibility as well as modularity. With ProMed, healthcare providers can offer excellent patient care while reducing a range of health and safety risks generally faced at such facilities. The software helps increase patient throughput while improving resource utilization. ProMed can be further utilized for keeping patient records, generating laboratory test reports, radiology images, ultrasound results, and various other important information via the cloud. The app helps enhance patient flow while reducing wait time. This results in an improved experience for patients, who spread positive word-of-mouth for the hospital.



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