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A Clinic Management Software

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Sanela is an advanced hospital management software. It helps medical facilities meet various financial, organisational, and technical requirements. The software is designed in a manner to ensure smooth functioning of clinics, nursing homes, hospitals and similar healthcare set-ups. It maintains records of day-to-day activities while enabling doctors to deliver high-tech medical care to the patients. The software schedules visits of the patients and records their observations. With this, doctors get updated with the accurate health history of the patients, ensuring better diagnosis. Sanela creates a customised patient record of every patient visit. With the help of its navigation feature, patients can be transferred from one department to the other. Doctors can even initiate follow-up routines, helping patients recover quickly. The primary benefits of the software are an easy to operate interface, instant patient registration, and EHR access. Users can quickly learn to use this software. Sanela has an easy to use interface, which allows doctors and other staff members to learn about its features quickly. It also facilitates inter and intra-department communication.



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