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Fast cloud based and mobile friendly library management software.

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Soutron is web-based Library Management Software that engages users by offering self-service functionality. The Library Software encourages collaboration and the capture of feedback and comments. With its features, it helps reduce the pressure on library staff. It even increases access to knowledge from any device, including mobile smartphones and tablets. The software is cloud-based and mobile-friendly. The Library Automation Software allows users to access the catalogue via web pages such as SharePoint or your Web Site. It is possible to authenticate users via the Membership System or Active Directory of SAML. It automatically creates metadata from external library services and loads PDFs and documents from internal file systems to support corporate information access. With the Features of Library Automation, it allows receiving documents, reports and enquiries from users thanks to the End User Submission tool. The Library Software List helps process document reviews, all fully audited, through an automated process. The Commercial Library Automation Software, Soutron fully integrates with internal systems and becomes a part of the corporate information strategy. It is built on more than 30 years of library and knowledge management expertise. It is out of the box and very flexible adapting to future needs. The software is easy to customer and fully managed and supported.



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