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Speechlogger is one of the popular Speech Recognition Software. It offers a range of features that includes automatic transcriptions from speech to text. It allows users to share, and broadcast live captions. Users can generate meeting notes of online or phone-based meetings just with a single click. The software offers real-time translations, speaker tags, read-out-loud and translated captions. Using the software, users can broadcast captioned speech of the speaker along with live translations. Speechlogger is an Open Source Voice Assistant. It offers accessibility to people who are hard at hearing. The software can be used in live events, online calls, regular phone calls, speeches, webinars, etc. One of the Best Voice Recognition Software, Speechloggers is multilingual and offers access to people who do not know the language. It automatically transcribes audio and video recordings. There is no human involved and hence it is private. There are no logs kept other than in the account of the user. One of the Best Speech Recognition Software, Speechlogger is Speech Recognition Software for Windows and Speech Recognition Software for MAC. It is affordable, reliable, and lightweight. The software instantly reads out loud text, PDFs, and eBooks with natural-sounding voices. It even offers voice typing for chrome. It even allows adding emojis with a single click.



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