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The Most Accurate and Inclusive Speech Technology
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Speechmatics is one of the Best Voice Recognition Software. A recognized online speech recognition technology, Speechmatics is used by businesspersons, authors, writers, and several industries that require taking notes. A transcription technology, Speechmatics is an Open Source Voice Assistant. Users can provide keyword triggers to the software. These can be used for media asset management and media monitoring along with subtitling, both live and closed.

Speechmatics is the most-preferred Speech Recognition Software for employee training at call centres. It offers text files of the call recordings as well. Such files are then utilised for compliance, training, quality management, and dispute management. The automatic speech recognition technology easily recognizes multiple languages including Italian, Czech, Polish, German, Spanish, Korean, and many others.

As the Best Speech Recognition Software, Speechmatics can be deployed on-premise or through a cloud provider. It is very flexible and a perfect solution for businesses that desire to scale in the near future. Speechmatics is a perfect Speech Recognition Software for Windows and also Speech Recognition Software for MAC users. The benefits of the software are better compliance, flexibility, and accurate transcriptions.

Focused Area

  • Speech Recognition
  • Voice Recognition
  • Speech-to-Text Analysis
  • Automatic Transcription
  • Automatic speech recognition

Industries Focus

  • Media Production
  • Healthcare
  • Broadcast Media
  • Education Management
  • Telecommunications

Reviews (1)

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