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SpeechTexter is one of the Best Speech Recognition Software. It is ideal for corporate, lawyers, students, teachers, and writers. It helps recognize and convert audio files into text. The software offers a multi-language speech recognizer. With the software, users can document and email transcribes in real time. One of the recognised Speech Recognition Software, SpeechTexter assists professionals with transcription of any kind of books, documents, blog posts, and reports, using voice. SpeechTexter is an Open Source Voice Assistant and one of the Best Voice Recognition Software. Professionals use the software for adding custom voice commands. It is easy to add punctuation marks and several actions like undo, redo or even delete sentences and paragraphs. It is available as both Speech Recognition Software for Windows and Speech Recognition Software for MAC. SpeechTexter assists individuals who find it difficult to use their hands for typing. Users who are not able to type in case of trauma or due to disabilities can use this software. The software minimizes writing efforts and offers higher efficiency as compared to conventional input devices. Some of the features of the software ar audio capture, concatenated speech, and text editing. SpeechTexter can also be used for learning the correct pronunciation of words in foreign languages. The software helps develop fluent speaking skills. It is ideal for Freelancers, large enterprises, and small and medium-sized businesses.



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