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The free and open-source project management tool

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Taiga is a project management solution that is created for agile designers and developers. The software provides an open-source agile-focussed project management solution that is loaded with apt tools and features to help professionals achieve their tasks at a faster speed and in a simplified manner. It is an on-premise and web-based solution that perfectly works with widely used operating systems. Those who opt for a self-hosted version have their projects placed in public. People who prefer paid plans have their projects placed in private. Most-liked features of the software are issues, time-tracking, bug-tracking, Wiki spaces, integrations, task management, gamification, social management, kanban boards, API, project collaboration, Scrum, and others. The primary benefit of using this software is its agile-focussed project management platform. The software is designed for small teams of project managers, designers, developers or even professionals using the agile method in manufacturing, marketing, engineering, production and more. Taiga is intuitive and very simple to use. The user does not need long hours of training to be able to use Taiga. It offers users a host of customization options for all the tasks they desire to accomplish. The design of the software is professional. The projects can be customized to make them appealing to the users and complement the company. The Kanban methods used by the system allow for managing and dividing project development into different stages. Taiga helps generate a list of problems that the team members face, categorize them and assign them for a resolution to the right people for monitoring.



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