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WebHR is a Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud computing model. It is a social all-in-one human resource software. It simplifies the working of the HR team by managing their tasks efficiently. With its host of tools, the software becomes an indispensable tool for the organisation, especially for the human resource team. It covers the entire lifecycle of employees, right from the time they are hired to the stage when they retire. The software all the functions of the human resource department including recruitment, performance, training, payroll, and employee management, among others. It can be used for simplifying daily tasks that occupy the time of the HR department. The software bridges the human resource department and IT department while allowing the automation of many aspects. It helps reduce the burden of the departments while enhancing efficiency through the standardization of HR processes. All the human resource information is converted into a digital format through the software. It adds information to the knowledge management system of the company. As a result, HR information can be transformed into meaningful information catering to the requirements of any other department within the company. WebHR helps efficiently manage human resource capabilities in an organised fashion. It helps organize files, offers time management features and improves the personal efficiency of the employees. WebHR helps enhance the decision-making abilities of the management. It offers the human resource department help form an important aspect of strategic information for the entire business.



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