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Zendesk Sell

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Zendesk Sell is a cloud and mobile-based CRM and sales platform. The software is designed specially to empower sales teams and professionals in small and medium-sized enterprises. The users get an all-in-one software that helps capture, organize and track leads. With Zendesk Sell, users can easily generate leads from different sources including web pages and marketing platforms. This automation tool features Base Voice, workflow automation, mobility, advanced sales insights, analytics and reporting modules, and email integration, among others. Zendesk Sell is used for managing sales, engaging customers, and following leads efficiently. It is apt for accurate quantification and performance measurement. The software provides a huge range of sales tools that help enhance productivity, business processes, and pipeline visibility. The simple yet sleek design is appreciated for helping users sell their products swiftly. With this platform, users can efficiently communicate with the team members along with obtaining insightful information for team collaboration. The platform is equipped with integrated tools and enables sales representatives to access data in a unified location. They can turn their conversations into conversions at an enhanced speed. With advanced tools, it is easy for users to track and capture data easily and quickly. Zendesk Sell is known for improving sales productivity, increasing lead conversions, and redistributing the sales force efficiently.




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