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Zenefits is an online human resource system. It helps streamline benefits administration, payroll and various other employee management processes of the organisations. It is recommended for both small and medium-sized companies. The app comes with a host of tools and features. It helps monitor employee benefits, onboarding, insurance directory for employees, ACA compliance, and recruitment, and even offers mobile support. Zenefits is a well-equipped platform, perfect for small businesses and even startups. The primary benefit of the software is its ability to oversee employee insurance processes online. It allows users to select the right perks to pass on to the employees. In addition, the app support users in reporting employee benefit eligibility, filing taxes on a regular basis, and coverage status. The software can handle hiring, employee recording, onboarding, and other tasks diligently and efficiently. All the changes made by the users reflect instantly throughout the entire platform. It assures that the human resource data is updated as well. With Zenefits, users can avail of time management features like time entry and approval. The efficiency of the tool helps reduce errors while ensuring that the employees are paid on time, based on their log-in details. The software comes with an easy-to-use database that helps provide a chance for checking and overseeing employees’ paid time off. The software consolidates the tools and features onto a single dashboard for offering substantial control, data access, and regulatory compliance to employees.



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