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Zimyo HRMS is a customizable employee experience platform. It helps enhance productivity as well as accuracy in completing tasks related to human resources. Users can utilize the automation feature of the app for eliminating repetitive tasks from the workload of the team. It enables teams to concentrate on creating long-term experiences that are positive and helpful. The platform offers a user-friendly UI experience, easy implementation, and customization capabilities, to maximize the benefits. For the purpose of sustainability, the app helps develop a paperless environment while centralizing all the information related to the candidates into a repository. This repository can be referred to, right from the stage of recruitment to that of onboarding. The integrated payroll system helps improve the accuracy of handling the salaries of team members. The software offers 24x7 customer support for handling any pertinent issues that the users might face. The software is available on mobile so that users can easily access the human resource information across all devices. The primary benefits of Zimyo are time and payroll management, performance and engagement tools, and HR features. It helps empower the human resource team through automated tasks, by propagating information and enhancing security. It smooths the process of recruitment and onboarding via requisition tools, an applicant tracking system, and candidate management. The integrated applicant tracking system of the software helps meet the recruitment and onboarding requirements of the organisations.



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