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Business Process Outsourcing Services

MAX BPOF-12, 3rd Floor Sector 8, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, 201301, India


Max BPO is one of the top BPO companies offering call centre services, logistic BPO, data management services, e-commerce catalogue management, debt collection, healthcare BPO services, digital publishing services, and finance and accounting, among clothes. The company serves clients in different sectors including banking and finance, insurance, travel and hospitality, healthcare, retail and customer, automotive, logistics, telecommunication, energy and utilities, and publishing. The company was founded in the year 1997 and has clientele across four continents and more than 30 countries. I Max BPO offers services to start-ups, medium-sized companies as well as large enterprises. t is ISO-certified and HIPAA compliant. It has a successful track record among the top BPO companies list with more than 1000 clients in 8 domains and 50+ subdomains. The objective of the company is to empower clients globally to help them achieve business growth through a bouquet of services. The company helps boost process and operational efficiencies. It offers a wide range of BPO services to offer a unique experience in personalised customer service, bank office operations, collections, data capture, and digital publishing solutions. Max BPO has a strong team of professionals to render services that help clients meet challenges and issues. They are focussed on offering every client talent, work process, ability and innovation in the best possible manner. The company has implemented the latest telecommunication software to offer world-class call-centre services. Their software provides details like customer patterns, buying behaviour, and other information that helps their clients take important decisions.




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