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TechSpeed1300 SW, 6th Ave Ste 140, Portland, Oregon, 97201, United States


TechSpeed is a data management service provider. It empowers clients to outsource their data management in a strategic yet cost-effective manner. It offers innovative tools for data entry, data mining, data processing, machine learning support, artificial intelligence support, web research among others. The company is known to offer customised customer service at globally competitive pricing. It is owned and managed in the USA. TechSpeed has an extensive portfolio comprising thousands of clients from across the globe. It offers free consultation, shared expertise, personalised and collaborative transition planning. It offers total fee transparency to its clients. The objective of the company is to serve the clients by understanding their challenges and building personalised data solutions to drive their business. TechSpeed combines proprietary technologies, industry expertise and customised software for a seamless transition of administrative support to Business Process Outsourcing experts. They become an extension of the existing team, helping companies to optimise their operations. As a result, companies can easily scale their business. TechSpeed allows companies to outsource their repetitive and tedious process of claims processing. It helps improve accuracy while reducing costs. TechSpeed has extensive experience in claim registration, claim validation, claim audits and reporting, among others. The company even offers web page and catalogue maintenance services. It can manage ongoing web page updates making sure that the product information on the website stays updated and accurate.



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